Mimaki JFX printing onto board

Flatbed Printer

Lead the way with direct to object and board printing with Mimaki’s range of industry-leading UV Flatbed Printers and print to almost any rigid material in full colour, short runs and at photographic quality.

Mimaki’s substantial range of Flatbed printers offer UV Printing solutions at every size and budget, for printing direct to object and rigid media. With desktop A3 and A2 options, ultra-high quality mid-format and popular 8’x 4’ flatbed solutions, every opportunity exists to benefit from Mimaki’s unique LED UV technology.

With white ink, clear varnish and a printable primer, the opportunities to benefit from a Mimaki UV printer are almost endless.

Talk with our experts about how your business could introduce a flatbed printer to its product range today.

“Mimaki’s range of Flatbed Printers offers solutions for every size, budget and requirement.”

Mimaki flatbed printing onto corrugated plastic


  • Print to almost any rigid material, thanks to Mimaki’s unique cold cure LED UV technology
  • Create rigid signage and PoS advertising without the need to use finishing equipment
  • Deliver bespoke items for the interior décor market
  • Print to display board with Mimaki’s grand format UV flatbed printers
  • Produce short runs of custom items

Recommended printer

Mimaki JFX200-2513EX

Reduce your lead times, increase your profits with the Mimaki JFX200-2513EX UV flatbed production printer.